Email Marketing – Male Libido Booster

As we are all aware, email marketing remains a powerful method of boosting your affiliate sales, especially for those with big email lists in the health niche.

My experience is that the list is far more effective when you build a real relationship with them.

I know that this sounds like an old cliché that everyone has heard before, so I’m going to break it down a little further for you with these golden rules:

  • As a priority, make sure there is useful information in each and every email you send. You have to give your recipient something they can’t easily get elsewhere. For most people this means well-researched info, valuable enough to help your reader, yet stopping short of providing a complete solution.
  • Communicate regularly but not too often. Sending 2 emails per day will annoy your reader, whereas sending once per week may cause them to forget who you are and add you to their spam list.
  • Sending out promotion links to product you are trying to sell to your readers at every opportunity will put most of them off you. Send out links to articles, free information and videos instead. You can embed your affiliate links in the articles or below videos. This helps not only to warm up potential prospects first but also to ensure you bring important information to them.
  • Send out offers occasionally, but don’t overdo it. Overdoing it will cause your sales to decline. Maintain trust by sending out far more free information than links to offers.

Solo Emails That Really Work

Having tweaked, tested and pounded my list with a large number of emails I’ve discovered that the following solo emails can be used in order to gain maximum open and click through rate.

Solo Email 1

Subject Title: Natural ED Remedies For Hitting Peak Perforamnce

I find it very strange that men are frequently getting advised to spend a fortune on risky treatments when just by making a few simple changes to your habits you can include easy and natural ED remedies in your life.

Using straightforward and simple techniques ( can result in notable improvements in erection quality and powerful surges of natural desire within just a few weeks.

So why do we get told that we need medication when it’s so easy to resolve ED on your own?

Well, I could say it’s all a big set up between the pharma companies, the medical education facilities and the governments, but you’d think I was paranoid.

So instead of worrying about that I concentrate on developing and maintaining a lifestyle that involves a variety of easy methods that keep my libido naturally and permanently high.

Can you imagine that just by following a few simple rules, your libido stays naturally powerful, no matter what age you are?

Go here to read my 3 top natural ED remedies (

No need to sweat if you have occasional, partial or even total ED.

There is always a way out without following ‘conventional’ advice.

Read about ED remedies (


Your Name

Solo Email 2

Subject Title: The One Mistake That Destroys Men’s Libido Of Any Age

I get contacted so often by men whose libido has been blown to bits by making this one huge mistake (your affiliate link) that we ALL make. 

The problem is that some of us get into that bad habit of doing it far too much. 

And when you do it too much believe me, it is very risky for your health…

The last few years have seen a worrying explosion in the easy availability of certain types of food that are just too easy and tempting to grab and eat.

The problem is that eating this kind of food daily can ruin your whole life, not just your love life.

Go here to find out why (your affiliate link)

This kind of behaviour is leading to countless young men becoming impotent which never happened back when our parents or grandparents were young.

And if you want to understand why and avoid it for good, then I suggest that you read my article.

Go here to watch the video about these dangerous foods (your affiliate link)

Your Name

Solo Email 3

Subject Title: Scary Email About ED


Unfortunately, as we know, many men suffer from erectile problems which can cause some disturbing problems in many aspects of life.

Recently, I got this email from Jean-Pierre in Brussels, Belgium:
Hi [Your Name],

My wife left me 2 years ago, saying my impotence was the reason.

Now my latest girlfriend has just gone off with another man, having lost patience with my bedroom problems.

I’ve tried all sorts of natural herbal products Jon and I need help. I’ve had ED on and off for a few years now and I’m afraid I’ll never get my performance back now.

Help me out here Jon please. I’m 48 years old.

JP, Brussels

Well, JP is in a real fix but I know for a fact that suffering ED does NOT mean you’ll never get your love life back.

In fact, if you  are eating well, exercising hard 3 or 4 times a week, lowering your consumption of animal fats (meat and dairy) and even taking a few herbal stimulants, then perhaps 60% of previously impotent men will get their love life back into full swing naturally, without having to use expensive pills that have side effects.

However, there are some that have some issues of poor blood circulation down there, even after following all of the above steps.

This is often due to the health of blood vessels and arteries down there having suffered for too long.

What do you do? Well, I do recommend penile massage exercises [your affiliate link] for to get harder and much longer-lasting natural erections.

The advantage of that kind of exercise is that you succeed in evacuating harmful plaques from your blood vessels. Once you get the blood fully flowing down there again, you’ll feel the difference very quickly.

Good luck and take care with these massage exercises, as they must be done very softly.

Go here to find out exactly how: [your affiliate link]

Your name

Solo Email 4

Subject Title: Power Up Your Testosterone! 3 Easy Tips..

Need a testosterone boost?

Then I highly suggest you watch this video [your affiliate link].

This material was written by Men’s Hormonal Health Coach, Jon Remington.

Inside he teaches you:

– The shocking causes of ED that the pharmaceutical companies would do anything to stop you from finding out

– How to get your testosterone racing around the body for a natural, powerful boost to your libido

– How to eat to improve blood flow in the penile area and get back those naturally firm, long-lasting erections you used to have every day

This is cutting edge material that you won’t find anywhere else.

That’s why I suggest that you have a look at this video right now: [your affiliate link]

Best Regards,

[Your name]

P.S. If you’ve been looking for ways to get that testosterone naturally sky-high to feel confident, strong and virile, without ever touching a single pill, injection or contraption, then this is exactly for you: [your affiliate link]

Solo Email 5

Subject Title: Nasty Problem That Causes ED In Countless Men


Sorry to send you a message with such a title, but it really is true, urinary infections for men can be very nasty indeed.

So bad in fact, that they can cause men to become impotent, cause them to have pains in the prostate and cause you to become shrunken and small down there.

Shocked? I was too, when it happened to me a few years back.

I have had a few emails about ED caused by prostate infections which often start with urinary infections, and thought it would be best that you see exactly why.

Watch the video on this topic here: [your affiliate link]

If you have ever had issues with your prostate becoming bigger, infected or pains anywhere in the lower back, testes, prostate or perineum then you should certainly watch this: [your affiliate link]

In fact, some men may not realize it but their ED actually may have been caused by an infected prostate in the first place.

Anyone else should be learning all they can about it, simply because it can happen to you at any moment and these steps can help boost your libido anyway.

That is why watching this video could be the difference between staying impotent for good or naturally and permanently finding a solution for your ED problem.

Go here to watch it: [your affiliate link]

Solo Email 6

Subjet: How To Get A Huge SURGE Of Testosterone Naturally

Here’s what I do to get a massive spike of testosterone.

I buzz hugely from the feeling of high testosterone, because I get:

– sky-high libido
– better bedroom action
– pangs of desire
– better energy
– more motivation
– more confidence
– the list goes on..

How do we get these natural magic surges of hormones?

Well, your first and most important task is this:

[your affiliate link]

Once you get this physical method ingrained in your habits, you then
need to:

– eat fresh, natural foods
– avoid white sugars, additives, processed foods, fast food
– get regular stimulation

But all of the above can be massively ENHANCED with this sneak
cheat testosterone method that you have to do:

[your affiliate link]

Time to get that huge surge of T!


PS. Make  sure you do this in the morning and spend your entire day feeling manly and virile and buzzing with natural high T energy and frequent urges [your affiliate link]