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High Conversion Rates + Low Refund Rate = $$$

Hi Jon Remington here,

I spent a lot of time and effort researching and making the Male Libido Booster program. My aim is to deliver more value than expected and to help men all over the world to restore their sexual health permanently and naturally.

You will also be helping people all over the world if you promote my product. And you’ll be making plenty of money for your efforts, as you should be.

The Male Libido Booster product converts at 1:18 for the right kind of focused traffic. This is a niche where people need to find trustworthy solutions that work fast and are ready to pay for it.

The refund rate is mostly ultra-low, clocking in at 3-4% and less than 2% for the French and Spanish versions of the program.

Highly Focused Relevant Male Sexual Health Website Niches

What is focused traffic? Blogs or websites with a dedicated following and real information that target male sexual health problems.

  • Low testosterone
  • Low libido
  • Erectile dysfunction/impotence
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Sexual performance advice
  • Penis size
Other Relevant Niches
  • Dating advice
  • Self-help or self-improvement
  • Drug detoxing
  • Recovering alcoholics
  • Guide to using herbs to improve health
  • Diet to improve health
  • Fitness advice

If you run a health website that is not focused on sexual health but still related to natural methods of health improvement, you will convert some of that traffic to sales.

For example, a dieting or weight loss website should always have a page on aphrodisiac food or health food that boosts libido naturally. This is the perfect opportunity to provide readers with a complete solution.

PPC Traffic

Another way of getting decent relevant traffic is using PPC. If you have some experience with this I am sure you’ll start to make a profit after a fairly short time.

Start off by targeting low competition keywords across 2 or 3 different ad networks (Google Ads, Microsoft Adcenter, Looksmart) and sending focused traffic to the site.

Hungry Traffic

Remember, Male Libido Booster provides exactly what is searched for by thousands of people every single day who are looking for a solution.

Few men search for low libido or erectile dysfunction information without needing to find a fast solution to the problem.

People are weary of online scams and unauthorized credit card billing. You don’t have to let this be a problem as the payments are securely managed by Clickbank and all products are 100% guaranteed.

Low Refund Rate

The Male Libido Booster has a lower than average refund rate at around 3-4%.  Including several bonus guides, one-on-one support following purchase and most importantly, providing the solution to urgent problems for a very good price is the key to both high conversions and low refunds.

The price could be increased but keeping it at this level improves conversions and tends to reduce refund rates. This is important for affiliates who are tired of promoting products for which refunds are a constant irritation.

Customers can choose between the basic version ($37) and the deluxe version ($49). Most people choose the deluxe version which results in $34 per sale for affiliates.

How To Get Started

Head on over to Clickbank and create an account if you haven’t already. Find “Male Libido Booster” by going to the market place and choosing the “promote” option.

This will give you your promotion hop link to use on your website or blog. If a buyer accesses the Male Libido Booster sales page via your link you are compensated for each purchase.

Promotion Tools

You may download the following banners for use on your website or blog. These banners have been tested and tend to have decent conversion rates.

Text Links

Your promotional link to ensure you are compensated at 75% for every sale should be as follows:

Banners 300 x 250

Right click and ‘save as’ to save the image to your hard drive and you may use these images to promote my product.

video-image-1 banner62 Chemicals 120x240 the wrong exercises can kill your erections 2 the wrong exercises can kill your erections chemicals 120x600 Chemicals 125x125 chemicals 160x600 Chemicals 250x250 chemicals 468x60 chemicals 728x90 Copie (2) de soft erections Eat your way 120x240 Eat your way 125x125 Eat your way 250x250 porn banners soft erection foods banner (1) Soft erections Low libido


Email Marketing

There are a couple of solo emails that convert very highly to your list of men.

Go here to grab them.

Contact Me

I’m a hands on product creator. I like to help people to find solutions and I am regularly in touch with my affiliates to share helpful tips on improving conversions, reaching different audiences and targeting foreign language markets.

You are more than welcome to contact me if you need help getting set up, need more images or just to see if I’m the real deal, which of course I am.

Send me an email to jon at